FiberRing provides network connectivity and Internet access services among leading data centers in and around Amsterdam.

Looking for secure and scalable connectivity between your servers, network equipment, customers or suppliers in various data centers?

Our fiber-based network provides ICT companies and Internet/Cloud/Hosting Service Providers with 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps connections between the major data centers in Amsterdam, with the option to expand to dark fiber for those who want to manage it by themselves.


We are directly connected to thousands of networks through our private and public peering in Amsterdam, and through our global network, we are connected to more than 50 locations around the world. To reach other networks, we are connected to all major Tier 1 Internet backbones. In short, we have full control over the fastest and most reliable routes to the Internet users you want to reach, at a competitive cost.

Searching for a provider that can help you design the best network solution for your infrastructure and resolve incidents quickly?
Our Amsterdam-based Sales and 24/7 Support teams have thorough knowledge of all our data centers, and serve all types of customers, from those with a few Mbps of webhosting traffic to those running over 1 Tbps of video and cloud traffic.

FiberRing offers


Bart van der Sloot
Managing Director

Edwin de Boer
Senior Account Manager

Drilon Cenaj
Network Architect

Alina Petrescu
Team Manager Network Engineering

Dennis Kuik
Senior Provisioning Engineer

Are you an IT or network services provider looking for connectivity in and between the major data centers in Amsterdam?Contact us at sales@fiberring.com or call us at +31 20 316 5166, and we will provide you a solution catered for your business needs.



FiberRing was established in 2003 with the aim of supplying large-scale networks to Internet Service Providers and Carriers. The underlying rationale was to provide customer-focused solutions at low cost.


FiberRing is a relatively young and flexible organization; FiberRing lacks the historical background of other international data networks, which were burdened with the requirement of having to recoup significant capital outlays. As a result, FiberRing is able to operate quickly and nimbly at a low price, while nonetheless guaranteeing the same level of technical quality.


FiberRing started with a single node in Amsterdam, and has since grown into a major player with 18¬†network locations. We now serve in excess of 150¬†customers and are uniquely positioned as a Carrier’s Carrier.


Since all investments in FiberRing have been made by the Ocom Group, FiberRing is debt free. Unlike other telecommunication companies, FiberRing has conservative but stable growth. All current and new projects are appraised in terms of their financial performance.


FiberRing is part of a fast-growing company, the Ocom Group. It offers its employees a challenging career within an entrepreneurial environment. Although our Head Quarters is in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, our employees stem from many nationalities, providing a multi-cultural, international business environment. Will you be part of that growth?

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Businesses will accelerate their digital transformation and search for improved infrastructure to run their IT workloads. The ecosystem around Amsterdam, enabled by new generations of mobile and terrestrial networks and cloud technologies, will continue to play a pivotal role in this. To facilitate flexibility, service providers who cater to those businesses will partner with independent providers of network, interconnection and internet access services without alliances with specific data centers or cloud platforms, allowing their customers to move their IT workloads freely.


FiberRing empowers service providers by offering network and internet access services in and between the main data centers around Amsterdam, which are leading in flexibility and price/performance.


We will achieve our mission by having a local team with a flexible attitude, a deep network with innovative services, and customer relations with a balanced mix of human interaction and automation.