Connect your data centers in metropolitan areas

Maximum uptime

FiberRing’s Metro Ethernet allows you to interconnect your data centers in almost seamless fashion. As the connections are designed to be fully redundant through diverse routes, you are assured of maximum uptime; this gives you the technical guarantee that your connection will continue to work even in the event of a cable fracture. This reliable layer 2 point to point connection is ideal for backhauling video, voice, data and internet traffic. This highly scalable Ethernet connection is typically used by customer’s who need predictable performance and security to exchange data between their servers in different data centers and who prefer to avoid the public internet to exchange such data. Our cost effective Metro Ethernet service is supported by our 24×7 Amsterdam based customer support team.

Scalable connection

With bandwidth speeds of between 10 Mbps and 10 Gbps available, you are able to link in to a higher speed than you actually need, making the connection highly scalable. We agree with you the speed you require, and then we measure your actual use later. This enables you to cope with peaks in demand for bandwidth over your connection and grow your capacity as and when needed. Of course, it is also possible to agree a fixed speed if you are not looking for the flexibility referred to above.

Key features and benefits Metro Ethernet:

  • Redundant connectivity via fiber
  • Scalability from 25Mbps to 10Gbps (subject to availability)
  • Different port types from Fast E up to 10GE
  • Full feed or usage based billing (95/5 percentile) with burstable options
  • Cost effective
  • Self service center portal to see actual usage and network status.

Metro EthernetAvailable between the following 17 locations in the Amsterdam area

  • Digital Realty, Science Park 120, Amsterdam
  • Iron Mountain AMS01, J.W. Lucasweg 35, Haarlem
  • Global Switch, Johan Huizingalaan 759, Amsterdam
  • Equinix AM1/2, Luttenbergweg 4, Amsterdam
  • Equinix AM7, Kuiperbergweg 13, Amsterdam
  • Equinix AM8, Gyroscoopweg 2E/F
  • Interxion 3, Cessnalaan 1-33, Schiphol-Rijk
  • Interxion Science Park, Science park 121, Amsterdam
  • Nikhef, Science park 105, Amsterdam
  • maincubes, Capronilaan 2, Schiphol-Rijk,
  • euNetworks, P. van Vlissingenstraat 16, Amsterdam
  • Rembrandt toren, Amstelplein 1, Amsterdam
  • NL-DC, Fokkerweg 300, Oude Meer
  • Zayo, Schipluidenlaan 6, Amsterdam
  • Schuberg Phillis, Boeing Avenue 271, Schiphol-Rijk
  • Interoute, Koolhoven 124-126, Schiphol-Rijk
  • Cap Gemini, Archangelkade 1, Amsterdam


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