Our Network

FiberRing started with a single node in Amsterdam, and has since grown into a major player connected to 18¬†network locations. We now serve in excess of 150¬†customers and are uniquely positioned as a Carrier’s Carrier.

Iron MountainAMS-01

J.W. Lucasweg 35
Haarlem 2031 BE


Capronilaan 2
Schiphol-Rijk 1119 NR


P. van Vlissingenstraat 16
Amsterdam 1096 BK


Johan Huizingalaan 759
Amsterdam 1066 VH


Koolhoven 124-126
Schiphol-Rijk 1119 NH

Interxion 3AMS-19

Cessnalaan 1-33
Amsterdam 1119 NJ


Archangelkade 1
Amsterdam 1013 BE


Fokkerweg 300
Oude Meer 1438 AN


Science Park 105
Amsterdam 1098 XG

Rembrandt TorenAMS-22

Amstelplein 1
Amsterdam 1096 HA

Interxion Science ParkAMS-23

Science Park 121
Amsterdam 1098 XG

Schuberg philisAMS-11

Boeing Avenue 271
Schiphol-Rijk 1119 PD

Digital Realty AMS1AMS-24

Science Park 120
Amsterdam 1098 XG

Equinix AM7AMS-10

Kuiperbergweg 13
Amsterdam 1101 AE

Equinix AM8AMS-25

Gyroscoopweg 2E/F
Amsterdam 1042 AB

Equinix AM1 / AM2AMS-14

Luttenbergweg 4
Amsterdam 1101 EC

euNetworks ViatelAMS-26

Schipluidenlaan 6
Amsterdam 1062 EB

Equinix AM5AMS-27

Schepenbergweg 42
Amsterdam 1105 AT

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