A data center is only useful if it is connected to the internet since it is the most important service to their customers. Fiberring’s IP Transit is available at 17 data center locations in the Amsterdam area. FiberRing offers you a transit across our Internet connections from a FiberRing Amsterdam point of presence utilizing our pure IP fiber backbone efficiently. The technical maturity of your organization determines how you utilize our network. You are connected to a high-performance network with a high uptime and direct routes to the largest networks and the main Internet exchanges. Multi homed, High uptime, low latency and above all affordable.

Key features and benefits IP Transit:

  • IPv4/Ipv6 assigned by FiberRing
  • BGP support
  • 24×7 NOC availability
  • Support for link aggregation
  • Port types:
    • Fast Ethernet (FastE)
    • Gigabit Ethernet (GigE)
    • 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GigE)
    • 100 Gigabit Ethernet (100GigE only available in EvoSwitch Data Center)
  • Full feed port or 95/5
  • Burstable options
  • Multi homed with Tier 1 providers
  • Looking glass on website
  • Self service center portal to see actual usage and network status.

When it comes to data center, the most important thing is how to connect it to the internet. Being the brain of company since it is the place where all the critical processes run, data center does require certain way of work to be connected to the internet. Data center will only be useful once it is connected to internet. Therefore, it is the job of the IT staff to make sure data center connected to internet 24/7

dark fiberAvailable at the following 17 locations in the Amsterdam area

  • Digital Realty, Science Park 120, Amsterdam
  • Iron Mountain AMS01, J.W. Lucasweg 35, Haarlem
  • Global Switch, Johan Huizingalaan 759, Amsterdam
  • Equinix AM1/2, Luttenbergweg 4, Amsterdam
  • Equinix AM7, Kuiperbergweg 13, Amsterdam
  • Equinix AM8, Gyroscoopweg 2E/F
  • Interxion 3, Cessnalaan 1-33, Schiphol-Rijk
  • Interxion Science Park, Science park 121, Amsterdam
  • Nikhef, Science park 105, Amsterdam
  • maincubes, Capronilaan 2, Schiphol-Rijk,
  • euNetworks, P. van Vlissingenstraat 16, Amsterdam
  • Rembrandt toren, Amstelplein 1, Amsterdam
  • NL-DC, Fokkerweg 300, Oude Meer
  • Zayo, Schipluidenlaan 6, Amsterdam
  • Schuberg Phillis, Boeing Avenue 271, Schiphol-Rijk
  • Interoute, Koolhoven 124-126, Schiphol-Rijk
  • Cap Gemini, Archangelkade 1, Amsterdam


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