This week we celebrate the 15th birthday of FiberRing. FiberRing was founded in 2003 as a network services provider serving small and medium enterprises and hosting and network providers. In its early days Fiberring registered as a telecom operator and even provided DSL-based internet access services to small businesses. In late 2014 we decided to refocus the FiberRing activities and become the leading provider of internet access and point-to-point connectivity services in and between the major data centers around Amsterdam, using our local presence and competitive cost base to differentiate from other providers in speed, flexiblity and economics. This move definitely paid off and we now serve about 130 customers, ranging from small content providers to global telecom companies. Edwin de Boer, Account Manager, is the “the face of FiberRing” – working closely with our partners and Network Operations team to serve customers. Today Edwin arranged some birthday cake to celebrate with the Network Operations team and with founders Con Zwinkels and Pieter Dijkhuis.